Skylight Evaluations – Quality Appraisals and Excellent Service

As appraisers and brokers with 20+ years experience, we possess the comprehensive education and credentials to generate the type of reliable home value opinions that banks and national lending institutions require and that homeowners and investors can trust. With advanced knowledge of the market that only comes with doing the job, we're prepared to handle a variety of property types.

Leading appraisal experts for:

  • Primary and Secondary Mortgages
  • Private Mortgage Insurance Removal
  • Estate Planning
  • Divorce Settlement
  • Tax Assessment Disputes
  • Retrospective Valuations
  • Employee Relocation
  • REO Valuations
  • Litigation
  • Before and After Renovation Values

Skylight Evaluations

Atlanta Area Appraiser

Technology plays a key role in how Skylight Evaluations does business. We offer coverage to most counties in Georgia with emphasis on DeKalb, Rockdale, Fulton, Gwinnett, Cobb, Henry, Clayton, Newton, Forsyth, Hall and Douglas Counties. Prices start at $225+ and 1004 forms start at $325+.  We also offer complete market analysis and management services for investors worldwide.  Naturally, we treat our clients like we prefer to be treated ourselves whether we're face to face, on the phone or sending e-mail.  Our objective is an unbeatable experience for our customers.   Call us, and let us prove to you why we're different.

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Market Information:
Retail Trade Challenges and Opportunities in 2019
3/21/2019 11:21 AM
E-commerce continues to challenge brick-and-mortar retailers, especially department stores and sporting goods, hobby, book, and music stores. However, the retail trade sector is still facing bright prospects in growing metro areas that are attracting people, jobs, and housing. The trend towards integration of online and offline shopping, mixed-use ...Read More
Boom or Bust for Spring Homebuying?
3/14/2019 1:09 PM
Home prices reached an all-time high in most markets in 2018. Homeowners benefited greatly as a result, with their overall net wealth rising by a cool $1 trillion. A typical homeowner’s wealth is estimated to have reached $254,000 while that of a typical renter stood at only $5,000.  Looking ahead, home values are poised to […...Read More
State and Local Tax Deduction (SALT): The Impact by State
3/13/2019 9:46 AM
The state and local tax (SALT) deduction allows taxpayers to deduct state and local tax payments on their federal tax returns. The new tax law, called the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, instituted a cap on the SALT deduction. Starting from the 2018 tax year, the maximum SALT deduction that taxpayers are able to claim […...Read More
Wealth Gains from Homeownership across Metro Areas in 2018
3/11/2019 3:54 PM
Homeownership has been associated with positive social outcomes[1], and is also the largest source of wealth among homeowning households. In 2016, the median net worth among homeowners was $231,400, with housing wealth making up 85 percent of wealth (average net housing wealth was $197,500).[2] Housing wealth contributes positively to the homeowner...Read More
January 2019 Housing Affordability Index
3/11/2019 11:28 AM
At the national level, housing affordability is up from last month but down from a year ago. Mortgage rates were up from last month at 4.76 percent this January, and up 11.5 percent compared to 4.27 percent a year ago. Housing affordability declined from a year ago in January moving the index down 5.3 percent […...Read More